Saturday, 28 January 2012

He influenced the Zeitgeist

Melanie Hampshire, Celia Hammond and other models feature in an unused 1963 cover shot for Life magazine

A 1960 black and white editorial shot for Queen magazine

An advertisement for Daks in 1961

From A to Z news site:
This stunning set of images, shot by renowned photographer Norman Parkinson, span across two decades and form part of a new exhibition chronicling ten years in fashion from 1954-1964.

Reflecting a pivotal decade in the emancipation of women – and the fashion that celebrated it – the exhibit also documents the work of the designers who launched the modern fashion industry.

Angela Williams enjoyed a creative collaboration with Parkinson when she worked as his assistant and has spent the past decade carefully cataloguing and researching the archive to preserve Parkinson’s legacy.

She said: ‘These prints represent one of the most creative periods of Parkinson’s career, but most of the images have not been published or exhibited since they were first taken, so it is very exciting to be able to bring these works to a new audience.

French model Nicole de la Marge poses with the Rolling Stones

Jean Shrimpton, 1963

Vogue shoot from 1954, featuring models in ball gowns at the Rotherhithe Docks

‘Parkinson always claimed he was a working photographer not an artist, but with the passage of time these photographs have gathered substantial artistic and historical significance, and the images now
transcend their original purpose.

‘He was the first fashion photographer to take his models out of the stuffy confines of a studio into the real world, where he captured their natural beauty with his trademark mix of realism and wit.

‘Parkinson’s innovative yet meticulous approach ensured there was always a touch of magic in his work; he did not merely document, but also influenced, the Zeitgeist.’

Carmen Dell Orefice with photographer Norman Parkinson in the Bahamas

An Eye for Fashion: an exhibition of British fashion photography by Norman Parkinson runs from 21st
January – 15th April at the M Shed in Bristol.

Of course, one name stands out from all the others among the models Norman Parkinson photographed - Carmen Dell’Orefice. A magnificent lady, at the age of 80, she is still modelling today...

"Don't ever try to be someone else. You have to be creative and understand yourself."
Carmen Dell’Orefice


  1. His work is so iconic. And so is the the divine Carmen Dell'Orefice!!

  2. Oh, to look so glamorous if ever we get to our 80s... Jx

  3. Love that quote at the end...words to live by xxx

  4. And we certainly live by them, BEB! Jx


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