Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Bijou basket, anyone?

Cocktails with Polari names are now available in London...
"A Bijou Basket is Sipsmith sloe gin, ginger wine and rhubarb bitter.

Ria Shusher (a hairdresser in Polari) is a rhubarb and vanilla Tapiato Blanco Tequila mule.

Bona Hoofer (good dancer) is Sipsmith gin, toasted spiced syrup and espresso.

And Naff Clobber (rubbish clothes)? It's Buffalo Trace, Benedictine and maple syrup."
The possibilities are fantabulosa, indeed!

So much of a fan is eternal social butterfly, former "Blitz Kid" and DJ Princess Julia that she has written a review in their menu entirely in Polari ergot - download a copy

The "Hoi Polloi" bar at which these delights are served is part of a "boutique hotel" in uber-trendy Shoreditch, unfortunately, so I can't imagine we'll ever go there...

Ace Hotel

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