Monday, 19 October 2015

Sometimes she`s too bold

"[Divine] is a real person. Sometimes she`s too bold, but she has socially redeeming qualities, no matter what she does. She`s her own person, and a lot of people like that."

"I love making people laugh. I just happen to do it dressed as a woman. It`s a part I play, and I've never confused the two."

"I asked my dad, `are you embarrassed by what I do?` And he said, `at first I was, but I feel if I made as much money wearing a dress as you do, I`d wear dresses too.'"

The sadly-missed icon of trash, John Waters acolyte and international drag superstar Divine would have been 70 years old today.

Divine (born Harris Glenn Milstead, 19th October 1945 – 7th March 1988)


  1. she was fabulous and is dearly missed. divine also looked better in a dress than I ever did or ever will (and I AM a girl)!

    1. Her frocks were something to behold - John Waters always said she modelled the look on Jayne Mansfield. Jx


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