Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Goodbye Nanny Stern

"Mr Marples, for Nanny Stern."
"I thought Mr Marples was for House of Pain."
"No, winkie-poos and bot-bots."
"Oh, God! It's taken me an hour to get into this lot!"

And so we bid a sad goodbye today to one of our favourite character actresses here at Dolores Delargo Towers, the ineffably cool Miss Shirley Stelfox.

During her long career, she appeared in dozens of best-loved TV shows including Nearest and Dearest, Making Out, Brookside, Juliet Bravo, Coronation Street, The Bill, Keeping Up Appearances, Emmerdale and Crossroads. But it is her superb turn as the worldly wise prostitute and best friend to Julie Walters' "Cynthia Payne"-esque lead in one of our all-time favourite films Personal Services for which she is dearest to our hearts...

Farewell, dear "Shirl".

Shirley Stelfox (11th April 1941 – 7th December 2015)


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