Sunday, 7 January 2018

Once there were sun birds to soar with

The return of the Thin White Duke
Throwing darts in lovers' eyes

Once there were mountains on mountains
And once there were sun birds to soar with
And once I could never be down
Got to keep searching and searching
And oh, what will I be believing
And who will connect me with love?
Wonder who, wonder who, wonder when
Have you sought fortune, evasive and shy?
Drink to the men who protect you and I
Drink, drink, drain your glass, raise your glass high


David Bowie (8th January 1947 – 10th January 2016)


  1. Now he's an angel soaring in the skies, serenading the heavens with his songs.

    The first time I learned of David Bowie was from the Jim Henson (Muppets) film Labyrinth (1986) with Jennifer Connelly. I was a little kid who was entertained by the Goblin King and his minions.

    When I got older, just a preteen, I stumbled across my cool brother's records. He was much older than us young'uns. He'd grown up and moved out to live on his own then. I was intrigued by the album art--back then, album art really was art!

    I played the first record, and I was blown away by Space Oddity (1969)! It was a revelation. And I spent the rest of that rainy day going through those records and making other incredible discoveries. Bowie's sound was just unlike any other I've ever heard before. It was so futuristic and fantastic and otherworldly. And I was blown away to discover the Goblin King from the movie was first and foremost, a musician! And an extraordinarily talented and most creative one! Been a fan ever since.

    1. I came a little late to Bowie, too - albeit a bit earlier than Labyrinth (it was his Lodger/Scary Monsters era that first piqued my attention). However, my adoration has been unabated ever since - check out the long history of blog tributes to the great man over at my regular blog Give 'em the old Razzle Dazzle, if you have the time (there's a lot!). I am still bereft at his loss. Jx


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