Tuesday, 7 August 2018

On the Jukebox here at Dolores Delargo Towers...

...on returning from our faboo trip to Amsterdam!


  1. "dick & lollipop"? I have always thought a dick WAS a lollipop! ;-b

  2. I think I was gang raped against my will by the creepy Sunstreams once. It was anything but sunshine.

    1. Their records were produced by one Dick van der Meer, so that could explain it. Jx

  3. What a fantastic collection of music! I will attempt to review them for your listening enjoyment!

    1. Ria Valk
    Translation: My big camel toe

    My hump, My hump,
    My lovely lady lumps

    2. Dolly Dots Forever...now at the Red Light District!!! Guess which ones are drag queens!

    3. Johnny Hoes presenteert: Gezelligheid Thuis
    28 Muzikale Wensen Van Vrolijke Mensen
    Translation: Johnny Hoes presents: Get Down Tonight
    28 Musical selections for women with high hair and men with short pant legs that don't reach their ankles!

    Looking closely at the picture, is anyone else disturbed to see a devil child peeking sinisterly from behind the sofa?

    4. James Last
    Op Klompen
    Translation: Stop! Hammer time!

    5. The Sunstreams
    Zonder Jou Ben Ik Verloren
    Translation: Will you accept this rose and all four men as your husbands and move to the cult compound?

    The Bachelor, Netherlands edition.

    6. Dick & Lollipop
    Ik Heb M'n Lolly Op
    Translation: How Many Licks Does It Take Til You Get To The Center Of It?

    Also slang for Spitters are Quitters!

    Break out those wooden clogs and dance to the music!

    1. Ha ha ha - love it! And yes, that demon spawn gave me a fright, too! Jx


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