Friday, 23 September 2011

Gay Cowboy, man-bag or Victorian ruffian?

And so farewell then, London Fashion Week 2011 - out with a whimper, not much of a bang.

At least Men's Day was quite camp (of course!)...

TopMan Design gave us man-bags and a touch of "60s Biba":

Shaun Sampson for MAN label gave us "Joseph":

A Child of the Jago - as befits a label named after an obscure East End novel - focused on a cross between 80s "Buffalo Style" and "Victorian Ruffian":

But best of all, Jeremy Scott went for the full-on "Gay Cowboy" look!

No scandals, not much in the way of headline-grabbers. Fingers crossed for Spring!


  1. I dig that Jeremy Scott look...

  2. Boys - I can see you both in one of Mr Scott's creations... Jx


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