Sunday, 22 January 2012

Brassy, good-hearted showgirl

"I never played politics, I was never a party girl, and I never slept with any of the producers."

"I was never the star in films, I was the brassy, good-hearted showgirl. I never really had my big moment on the screen."

"It's like I marry everything I buy. I can't give it away. I had shingles once after I did 'Hello, Dolly!' and I gave away $250,000 of low-necked dresses. I cried when I saw them all leaving the house."

"I have worked like a dog all my life, honey. Dancing, as Fred Astaire said, is next to ditch-digging. You sweat and you slave and the audience doesn`t think you have a brain in your head."

Ann Miller (12th April 1923 – 22nd January 2004)

[A musical tribute to Miss Miller is at Give 'em the old Razzle Dazzle]


  1. Love her!

    Many years ago, I saw her on the street in Chicago, her hair lacquered back, face fully made-up, that smile beaming at all in her path. I'll never forget it!

  2. But was she wearing her tap shoes? Jx

  3. Aw loved Ann Miller!

    Imagine seeing her, Tombeau! Wow!


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