Sunday, 1 January 2012

A skinny body with long asparagus legs

"...the classic Biba dolly...was very pretty and young. She had an upturned nose, rosy cheeks and a skinny body with long asparagus legs and tiny feet. She was square-shouldered and quite flat-chested. Her head was perched on a long, swanlike neck. Her face was a perfect oval, her lids were heavy with long, spiky lashes. She looked sweet but was as hard as nails. She did what she felt like at that moment and had no mum to influence her judgement."

"I had a special spot by the door for things that weren't selling so well, for people to steal. I called it shoplifter's corner."

"Some contemporary fashion is fantastic, but it's so weird ...and it's so diverse that I don't know how people my age keep up. I just stick to wearing black."

Barbara Hulanicki, founder of the legendary 60s/70s mega-boutique Biba, who becomes an OBE for services to fashion in the New Year Honours list.

The history of Biba


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