Saturday, 14 July 2012

I know all the Lupinos, I go to their beanos

Further to Thursday's blog, I couldn't resist posting more of the genius of Douglas Byng:

Sex Appeal Sarah

"When I went to the pictures to act,
I was quite a furore, as they say,
I appeared first as Carmen, but in fact
I was much more "bizarre" than "Bizet".
But the day came for filming the bullfight
I was just doing one of me stunts -
When the juvenile lead pinched me cast-o-nets
I went all hors de combat at once.
But I picked up a picador's spear,
Stabbed him in the bolero and spoilt his career.

I'm Sex-Appeal Sarah, my body gets barer
Each time I appear on the screen.
Oh, I've played such rare pranks with
dear Dougie Fairbanks
Reall risky - but never obscene.
I know all the Lupinos - I go to their beanos -
We start off with cocktails and end up with Enos;
I'm slick Sal, and when I was a gal
I was constant and clever and clean.
I was never de trop - I was pure as the snow -
But I drifted, and so - well, you know what I mean."

As featured on Naughty Nights with Douglas Byng

A favourite of Jessica Mitford, it seems - she chose it in her selection for Desert Island Discs


  1. For MJ and Thombeau... Jx

  2. Ta very much, Jon!

    This is further encouraging me to read "Bawdy But British!: The Life of Douglas Byng."

    Bawdy But British would have been the title of YOUR autobiography had it not already been taken.

    1. Mwaaah! Jx

      PS I always fancied "Look Back in Angora", but that's been taken too...

    2. "A Low Life in High Heels" has been taken too.

      *runs to avoid bitch slap*

    3. Fairly accurate, actually... Another title that's been bagged, more's the pity, is "At My Mother's Knee...and Other Low Joints". Jx


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