Sunday, 12 August 2012

Diamonds at breakfast?

On the subject of Arlene Dahl (whose fabulous picture as Belle Poitrine I featured on Friday)... This being the lady's birthday weekend (yes, indeed, another one still with us!), here is a reprise of a discovery I posted many moons ago...

Chic is:

Chic is not:

An evening dress with long sleeves.

A gay dinner hat.

A man’s black umbrella when it rains.

An accessory that matches your hair.

A trademark too ingenious to be corny.

Flexibility in appearance and attitude.

English, beautifully spoken.

Beautifully matched lingerie.

Perfumed fans.

The absence of a summer tan.

The arts, appreciated.

A bad habit, a stale passion, discarded.


Acting your age.

Diamonds at breakfast.

More than three colours in an ensemble.

White shoes, daytime.

Plastic shoes, anytime.

Being seen in curlers in public.

The contrived.


Sloppy grooming.

Sleeveless dresses on overweight women.

Tight pants on anyone.

A strident voice.

A fad that everyone’s adopted.

Playing it safe.

An aggressive manner.

From "Always ask a man: The key to femininity" by Arlene Dahl

Archly camp!

Arlene Carol Dahl (born 11th August 1925)


  1. ~takes notes~

    ~crosses off "Taupe"~

    1. I, too, have never understood how the colour of Elastoplast could be considered "chic". Jx

  2. "Always Ask a Man."

    I always ask a GAY man.

    1. Of course! Who else could observe "beautifully matched lingerie" without caring about what's inside?


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