Sunday, 19 August 2012

Only the marvellous is beautiful

"I’m now past sex, but they say they’ve invented a pill which is half Viagra and half Prozac. So if you don’t get a fuck you don’t give a fuck."

"The marvellous is beautiful. Anything marvellous is beautiful. In fact, only the marvellous is beautiful."

"Although jazz may arouse certain sexual feelings, that's not its intention. I did know someone, however, who was unable to go to bed with a woman without playing music by Sydney Bechet. In the days of 78rpm records, this must have presented quite a problem."

[Upon hearing Mick Jagger claim his own wrinkles were 'laughter lines':] "Nothing's that funny."

“I remain completely faithful to humanism and will tell God so when I leave the building.”

George Melly (17 August 1926 – 5 July 2007)

Read my tribute to "Goodtime George" on the occasion of his death.

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