Friday, 11 October 2013

I think today should be...

Maria Montez

Dorothy Lamour

Mrs Irving Penn

Lisa Fonssagrives

'Life' magazine cover, 1937

...a Lilly Daché "Say Something Hat Day". Don't you?

“Buying a hat is an emotional thing. When a woman is in the full glory of youth and beauty, she buys a hat to cap the climax of her glamour. When she grows old, she buys a hat to turn back a little the relentless hands of time.”

“...with each hat is a story. It is the story of the woman who wore the hat and why she bought it; the people she loved and the people she hated; the places she went and the things that happened to her, perhaps because of the hat. A woman’s hat is close to her heart…it is her way of saying to the world: 'See, this is what I am like!', or 'This is how I should like to be.'”

Lilly Daché (10th October 1898 – 31st December 1989)


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