Thursday, 16 January 2014

Yesterday they told you you would not go far

[Ethel Merman by Mark Hanauer]

Describing Miss Merman's 1954 classic movie There's No Business Like Show Business (in which she co-starred with Marilyn Monroe and Mitzi Gaynor), Mr Bobby Rivers said:
In the 1940s, Universal could have made five Donald O'Connor musicals with the budget for this one number alone. Early in the story, we had two Catholic parents freak out when their son wanted to become a priest instead of procreating and supplying them with grandkids. Now we get a finale that makes a gay pride parade in West Hollywood look like the chain gang in Cool Hand Luke. Merman, Marilyn, Mitzi, a rousing showtune, dozens of chorus dancers in pastels and men in uniform. Oh, Sweet Baby Jesus.
My thoughts exactly...

"I can never remember being afraid of an audience. If the audience could do better, they'd be up here on stage and I'd be out there watching them."

"There's such a thing as theater discipline. One player doesn't appropriate another's inventions."

"I've made a wonderful living playing that theatrical character - the professional brassy dame."

"I can hold a note as long as the Chase National Bank."

Ethel Merman (born Ethel Agnes Zimmermann, 16th January 1908 – 15th February 1984)


  1. Delighted to see all this, but not so much the Merm's knees. Oh, Sweet Baby Jesus, indeed.

    1. Bless her - I guess that's one trait she and Ernest Borgnine had in common. Jx

  2. Loved Ethel, she was one of my favorites! She also looked like my grandmother, buy she never broke out in song.

    1. My Nan looked more like Carol Channing. She didn't sing, either. Jx


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