Thursday, 13 February 2014

Even though the neighbourhood thinks I'm trashy and no good

"I tease poor Stockard by telling everyone that she is my older sister, but we aren't related at all." - Carol Channing

One of our favourite actresses, the other Miss Channing is seventy years old today.

"Acting is such a bizarre way of life. Unless you’re really passionate about it, you should give it up. Don’t beat yourself up."

"I hate parties. I really don't like public events. I hate dressing up. I am the worst celebrity ever!"

"You get to a certain age, and you start playing a lot of mothers. Maybe if I had children I'd feel differently, but I really hate bumping up against all these guys' memories of their mothers, which, trust me, aren't so hot. Or maybe they watched a lot of The Golden Girls, you know?"

"I embarked on all this because I wanted to be an artist. I wanted to create art. That sounds absolutely ridiculous now, but back then, that was a reasonable thing to want to do with your life."

And, of course, here is our favourite - and possibly her campest - screen moment. All together, now!

There are worse things I could do:

Stockard Channing (born Susan Antonia Williams Stockard, 13th February 1944)


  1. She's 70???? I love her - especially that moment of her career you chose to focus on! Happy birthday!

    1. Our camp icons are all getting older, dear... Jx


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