Saturday, 22 March 2014

I want people to be afraid of the women I dress

"Nicey nicey just doesn't do it for me."

"I want people to be afraid of the women I dress."

Examples of the eccentric genius of the late fashionista Alexander McQueen.

Yesterday I attended the unveiling of a "People’s Plaque", sponsored by Islington Council (as a final event to mark Camden & Islington LGBT History Month), at Aberdeen Road in Highbury (where he lived in the early 2000s), and met members of his family - and a sizeable crowd of well-wishers - who were there to pay their respects to this fascinating enfant terrible of couture.

It is a fitting tribute to an enormous talent, sadly gone too soon.

"It's good to know where you come from. It makes you what you are today. It's DNA, it's in your blood."

"When I'm dead and gone, people will know that the twenty-first century was started by Alexander McQueen."

Lee Alexander McQueen CBE (17th March 1969 – 11th February 2010)


  1. Wow What can you say - Its Alexander McQueen
    So pleased that he and other gay people are being recognised for their achievements and getting a Blue/green plague to mark it.
    Actually if they cant get permission for a proper blue plague maybe PINK would be better than green
    just a thought

    1. I did think on the day that Mr McQueen would have blenched at the colour of the plaque, but hey ho, "Islington green" is better than no plaque at all... Jx

  2. There's nothing terribly wrong with the color of the plaque. A bit plain, perhaps. But those horrid curtains are a visual travesty. Were there no homos in the whole of Britannia to design and hang drapes for this unveiling? Sadly, not.

    1. Thankfully they were safely removed and presumably disposed of immediately after the ceremony... Jx


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