Wednesday, 26 March 2014

What is an icon?

Miss Ross. The Boss.

"With the Supremes I made so much money so fast all I wanted to do was buy clothes and pretty things. Now I'm comfortable with money and it's comfortable with me."

"I don't think getting in and out of a limousine has anything to do with being an icon."

"Icon. What is an icon? When someone is iconic it means they have established a certain kind of legacy possibly, and I think it does come with time. I'm not really sure. But I don't think you are born an icon."

"It takes a long time to get to be a diva. I mean, you gotta work at it."

"In the end, you really just need to believe in yourself."

Diana Ernestine Earle Ross (born 26th March 1944)


  1. ..and WORK she did! She was, is and always will be everything!!! (yes, I quite like her) ;)

    1. Funny. One would never guess... Jx


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