Tuesday, 21 October 2014

"It’s more Carry On Camping than Blue Velvet"

From the fabulous review by Ellie Violet Bramley in The Guardian:
"...now Logan is descending from the ceiling on a hoop, heralded by the two queens, and the competition has begun... Some outfits, especially the swimwear, just weren’t built for the Globe’s narrow doorways. I watch as an infinity pool, a giant jellyfish and an inflatable octopus struggle to squeeze through the Jacobean-sized doorways."
The 13th Alternative Miss World competition, hosted as it has been since he founded the event in 1972 by the admirably eccentric Andrew Logan, took place on Saturday (after a five-year hiatus) at the unlikely venue of London's Globe Theatre. Judges included Dame Zandra Rhodes and the magnificent Molly Parkin:

The eventual winner was Russia's Miss Zero+ who wore skintight rubber and an almost entirely inflatable costume. Of course.

I wish I had been there. In fact I wish I had ever been...

Costume designer David Cabaret in 1991

Derek Jarman, winner in 1975

Alternative Miss World, 2009

Andrew Logan with Divine, 1978

The Alternative Miss World official website

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  1. A search on that Derek Jarman picture led me here! Imagine that!!

    1. It's like "The Twilight Zone", isn't it?

      Do come in, make yourself comfy, and I'll put the kettle on. Jx


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