Saturday, 25 October 2014

Karma. Chameleons.

Heavens be praised! The eternally inspirational Thombeau (of legendary - and sadly missed - "Fabulon" and "Chateau Thombeau" blog fame, and currently curator of the wonderful Redundant Variety Hour) has launched a new blog, Full Fathom Five (from whence these magnificent photos of Boy George, dressed by Jean-Paul Gaultier, came)!

And a thing of wonder, it is, too.

Visit the "cabinet of curiosities" that is Full Fathom Five and see for yourself...

Boy George and the newly-reformed Culture Club are on tour as we speak - read the review of their appearance at Heaven earlier this week.


  1. Thanks for pointing me to the old darling's latest madness.

    1. You are welcome - one does need sat-nav to follow Thom's meanderings through cyberspace... Jx

  2. Any day that I'm mentioned in the same post as Boy George is a good day! Thanks so much, Jon! XOXO

    1. As the Boy himself once said:

      "Summer syncopation
      The space between your eyes
      Is a place for heroes
      That never compromise
      Sometimes you feel lonely
      No focus or surprise
      Pushed into production
      What a way to live our lives:

      Changing every day
      Changing every day

      You never cease to surprise us, Thom! Jx

  3. You just have to love the man no matter how batty she is or gets.


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