Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Skin deep

From Dame Joan Collins' regular column in The Spectator:
“Like many British actors and actresses, I fly to the US two or three times a year, with my new and nifty global entry card. Though you do hear some horror stories, I have rarely - if ever - had any problems with US immigration, until last month.

Because I apply moisturiser on long trips, quite liberally, my hands were covered with lotion at the border control counter, which meant my fingers didn’t make a strong enough impression on the fingerprint scanner. My immigration form came out of the printer with a large and very ominous X on it. This alarmed the official, who decided to leave me standing next to his desk while he waved forward and collected the forms of those whose fingerprints had made the grade.

After an interminable parade of obvious stares and hidden snickers from the successful entrants, he made me take off my hat and glasses and peered at me. I felt like a criminal caught at the border while trying to immigrate into the US illegally. He cross-examined me ruthlessly - ‘What do you do?’ ‘Why are you here?’ ‘What are your plans in this country?’ Several other officers were called over to discuss me; my passport was inspected thoroughly and scanned time after time.

That was a lot of fun after a ten-hour trip from Heathrow, and all because I moisturise."
Be warned - too much Oil of Ulay and you're suddenly a terrorism suspect. Osama bin Laden swore by it.


  1. The official was obviously not a friend of Dorothy or she would have gone straight through.

    1. The fact that he or she had the temerity to ask Dame Joan of the Dynasties "What do you do?" just makes me despair at the pig-ignorance of people in such positions of authority... Jx

    2. So true. I know Exactly how she feels.

  2. Yes, to all that, but exactly how much grease did she smear on her mitts? Or, more tellingly, just what was she up to during those long ten hours from Heathrow?


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