Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Tilling Revisited

Mapp and Lucia, 2014 style.

It may not be as determinedly camp as the excellent 80s adaptation (with Geraldine McEwan and Prunella Scales) but it has... Miranda Richardson, Anna Chancellor and Steve Pemberton. It has Frances Barber (albeit briefly). It has superb sets, costumes and supporting cast. Most importantly it has all EF Benson's very best pithy bitchiness. What more do you want?

Catch it if you can! It's simply marvellous.

"Au reservoir!"

Read Julia Raeside's review in The Guardian


  1. It was fun but all rather rushed, and must have been confusing if one did not know the books or the previous series. I am sticking with my cherished boxset with Geraldine, Prunella and Nigel, which took its time over 10 episodes, and had ample room for opera prima donna Olga Braceley and Poppy, Duchess of Sheffield! The new Mapp & Lucia books are a scream and worth seeking out too !

    1. I have my suspicions this was a bit of a "tryout", with an eye on a new series. We also felt - particularly at first - the same as you about the haste at which some of the plots were handled, but by the end of the three episodes we were hooked by its charm. Of course, I utterly adore the original adaptation but it, too, had its flaws. So although this may not have been a comparable version, nonetheless it was fantabulosa! Jx

  2. It's not over here in The Colonies yet but I look forward to it, having seen the original.

    Have seen Anna Chancellor most recently on "The Hour," "Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond," and "Downton Abbey."

    1. It only premièred on Auntie Beeb at Xmas (we just watched our recording on TiVo), so if it does get shown across the pond they'll need to do something with it, given the fact there's a bit of carolling among the bitch-slaps... Jx
      PS I thought Ms Chancellor's cameo in "Downton" was a bit of a waste of her talents, but at least it did give us a chance to perve over a naked footman. Which is nice.


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