Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Do everything, do it all

"I had to give up the toy boys. I was getting older and older and they were staying the same age – I always said they came in at 27 and I got rid of them at 32."

"People keep asking me if I'll marry again. It's as if after you've had one car crash you want another."

"My attitude has been: do everything, do it all, keep current. Watch your back – you have to watch your back. But see what you want, where you’d like to go, and go there."

"The younger me would sneer at Stephanie the American soap star. When I did become an actress I planned only to do French films and Shakespeare."

"I am a grandmother now, but at least my nine-year-old grandson calls me Glamma and not Granny."

That classiest-of-classy actresses - star of everything from The Saint to Tenko, from Connie to The Colbys, from Dracula '72 to Dynasty - Miss Stephanie Beacham is 70 years old today...

All hail!

Stephanie Beacham (born 28 February 1947)


  1. Classy and sassy at 70. Adorable and adored by me for one.

    Shocking they haven't given her a Damehood !
    Please sort it, your Mage ( HRH that is not Madonna )

    I know HRH reads your blog Jon.

    1. My audience is packed with Queens. Jx


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