Tuesday, 18 September 2018

It's a look

Marta Jakubowski

Bora Aksu

Gareth Pugh

l-r: Pam Hogg, Ryan Lo, Delpozo

Matty Bovan



Yes, the complete madness of London Fashion Week has been and gone again, leaving a trail of nylon, leopardskin, frills, feathers, fouff and faff in its wake...

All the above styles are eminently wearable for a quiet day at the office, of course.


  1. I most definitely could have used the hat in the first picture while on holiday. Nothing classy like being buck naked except dressed in a lovely wide brim dear.

    1. We've heard about your wide brim, dear. Jx

  2. Left and middle of Gareth Pugh's are very Grace Jones - i.e. Fabulous! Unfortunately, the one on the right looks like My Little Carthorse...
    And is that a smirk or smile I see upon the lips of the model on the left in Bora Aksu's collection? I hope they were fired for ruining the look.

    1. I fully expect the rest of those bitches ate her. Jx

  3. What creative fashions!

    1. Marta Jakubowski: The supersize hat, for when you don't want to talk face to face with annoying people; the perfect cover when doing the walk of shame the morning after.

    2. Bora Aksu: An ode to Cher--Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves!

    3. Gareth Pugh: Red Wallpaper, Valentine's Day Gift wrapping, and insane asylum escapee who wears her underpants on the outside.

    4. Pam Hogg, Ryan Lo, Delpozo: Loofa, Loofa, Loofa! The trendy fabric of the day!

    5. Matty Bovan: It's like a unicorn had a bad trip and threw up all over that dress. Seeing the mess, the large bird lands on the head and proceeds to poo on that dress, because it's all ready so crappy!

    6. Nicopanda: The bookend leopard prints are pajamas for New Jersey Real Housewives. The dude in the middle forgot his pants or is going to apply for a job at Hooters with his hot pants.

    7. Halpern: The fabric is fabulous but I'm not so sure about those kindergarten window curtains pattern shoes.

    Now I must go buy some loofas and watch out for large birds looking for a place to land.

    1. Ha ha! Now I have Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves going round my head. Thanks. Jx

  4. Replies
    1. Who irons? I don't. And if I could afford a Gareth Pugh catwalk special, I doubt I would ever need to wash or iron anything myself, ever. Jx


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