Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Uma mulher revolucionária

There must have been something in the water around this time of year - for, in the run-up to what would have been Gay Pride this weekend, today's birthdays include computer scientist and icon Alan Turing, bisexual sexologist Alfred Kinsey, lesbian actress and campaigner Miriam Karlin, bisexual singer Jason Mraz and allegedly lesbian stage actress Irene Worth; and also "Mr Jazz Hands" Bob Fosse...

...and this remarkable lady!

Another diva previously unknown to us here at Dolores Delargo Towers, Senhora Dercy Gonçalves (for it is she) was a very popular Brazilian comedienne (and gay icon), whose record-breaking 86-year career began when, at the age of fifteen, she ran away from home and joined a travelling theatre; she went on to become a huge success on stage, on television and in film. Her final appearance was in 2008 when she starred in the film Nossa vida nao cabe num opala at the age of 101; she died not long afterwards.

During that impressive career, her overwhelming candour secured her "icon" status in the eyes of the Brazilian public. Despite being just 4ft 11' in height she had a reputation for causing a big scene - she was as renowned for swearing and using vulgar comedy (and consequently became a chat show "must-have" guest), as much as for her flamboyance. So popular was she that whole segments of the Rio Carnival were often dedicated to her and, notoriously, in 1991 (at the age of 83) she caused a sensation by appearing bare-breasted on one of the floats!

She even has a museum dedicated to her life.

When she finally passed over to Fabulon - after a funeral service at which thousands turned up, including the President of Brazil - she was interred, standing up, in a mausoleum (of her own design) made of glass and in the shape of a pyramid. Presumably so she could perpetually keep an eye on what's going on...

"I am very impudent, very naughty. I am really daring, you know? I don't take any insults from anyone. With my mouth, I don't need to slap."

"I am an independent woman, I never needed money from a man. I win, solve my problems, decide my life, I don't like advice... If I don't like it, fuck it!"

Here's a sample of the great lady in "action" - being photographed by a French artist:

How utterly fabulous [even if I don't understand either French or Portuguese...]!

Dercy Gonçalves (born Dolores Gonçalves Costa, 23rd June 1907 – 19th July 2008)


  1. One hell of a woman and one hell of a life

    1. Something for us to aspire to in old age, methinks! Jx


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