Wednesday, 2 March 2011

More than this?

One of the very few bands in musical history whose photo has never graced the front of one of their own LPs, Roxy Music (who are celebrating their 40 years in showbiz this year) produced some of the most instantly-recognisable cover art since the birth of the long-playing record:

1972 - Roxy Music

1973 - For Your Pleasure

1973 - Stranded

1974 - Country Life

1975 - Siren

1979 - Manifesto

1980 - Flesh and Blood

1982 - Avalon

"Well i´m here looking through an old picture frame
Just waiting for the perfect view
I hope something special will step in to my life
Another fine edition of you"

Roxy Music albums on Amazon

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  1. My favourite, of course, is the one featuring Amanda Lear ;)

  2. Mine too - I wonder what happened to the black panther? Jx

  3. Thanks for the cover art! I think Avalon is one of my all-time favourite LP's. I'm sorry I don't have the vinyl edition anymore.

  4. Ah, Weissdorn - welcome on board! I don't have any of the Roxy Music albums on vinyl either, more's the pity, just their "Greatest Hits" from 1977... Jx


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