Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Cause I'm a Blond

One designs frocks for the likes of Amanda LePore, Dita von Teese, Katy Perry, Debbie Harry, Roisin Murphy, Fergie and even bloody Rihanna. The other lives his life as "Barbie". Between them, they are responsible for worldwide shortages of crystals and diamanté...

It's David and Phillipe Blond - otherwise known as "The Blonds"!

Camp doesn't even begin to describe them.

"Our clients breathe life into our clothes and inspire us to do what we do. Of course we love dressing up too!"

"It’s very much a showgirl aesthetic, not like traditional Vegas, but with an impact and individual flair."

"You don’t have to be blonde to be Blond!"

The Blonds website


  1. Honey she is just fabulous! I also just did a post yesterday on them and the new Barbie they created. Just Faaaabbbbbbbulous!

    1. He/she is a genuine triumph of art over nature! Jx

  2. Do they have genitalia?

    Or simply smooth plastic?


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