Sunday, 23 September 2012

Everything Stops For Tea...

...with Jean Harlow and William Powell!


  1. ...and TOAST.

    Brits are always either sipping tea or nibbling toast on telly.

    Naturally, I assume you're ALL like that.

    1. Of course! Unless we're sinking gin'n'tonics and eating pork scratchings. Jx

    2. Click here to see my introduction to pork scratchings.

      Lawd, what a stench!

      I washed them down with a pint of Guinness which made them somewhat palatable but I’ll say “thanks but no thanks” if offered again.

    3. Gawd bless the late Piggy for introducing you to Britain's original ingenious method of recycling swine skin! I love 'em (but have indeed lost more than one filling in the process). As one responder said however, you may welcome the taste of dried pig fat if ever you get a chance to experience scampi fries... Lesbian Pool Championship comes to mind. Jx


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