Thursday, 27 December 2012

A sacred unicorn

David Wolfe, from Paperdollywood:
"She dedicated herself to her appearance, learning the art of make-up, the craft of lighting (a butterfly shaped shadow under her nostrils was vital, as was a white line drawn down her nose to narrow it). Dissertations have been written about the evolution of her amazingly artificial eyebrows! She willingly stood for hours and hours at costume fittings, sometimes suggesting that a single sequin be repositioned over and over again. Even her personal wardrobe garnered the same attention and the House of Dior records that she required sixteen fittings for every garment."
Erich Maria Remarque, her longtime friend, in his novel "Arch of Triumph":
"The cool, bright face that didn't ask for anything, that simply existed, waiting - it was an empty face, he thought; a face that could change with any wind of expression. One could dream into it anything. It was like a beautiful empty house waiting for carpets and pictures. It had all possibilities -it could become a palace or a brothel. The face of an icon. One could dream into it anything."
Cecil Beaton, full of veiled compliments, wrote:
"Marlene is certainly a great star, not without talent, but with a genius for believing in her self-fabricated beauty, for knowing that she is the most alluring fantastic idol, an out-of-this-world goddess or mythological animal, a sacred unicorn."
Noel Coward, introducing her nightclub debut in London:
"Though we all might enjoy
Seeing Helen of Troy
As a gay cabaret entertainer,
I doubt that she could
Be one quarter as good
As our legendary, lovely Marlene."

Marlene Dietrich (27th December 1901 - 6th May 1992)

More Dietrich in my tribute from last year.

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