Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Don’t turn your back on The Queen

"London was and still is such an exciting and exhilarating city. After working for Otto Lucas initially and then, for three years at Mitzi Lorenz, I was offered the position as designer at Langée in Brook Street. Madame Langée was Czech, escaping here with her family just before the war.

"One of her clients was ‘Miss Betty’ the vendeuse at Hardy Amies who was, at that time, dressmaker to The Queen. Hats were therefore ordered from our workroom for certain outfits, and a number of times I heard Miss Betty compliment my work. An opportunity arose a few years later when Madame Langée decided to retire ... and so I was able to take over and start making under my very own label."

From Elizabeth: Reigning in Style by Jane Eastoe:
"Hardy Amies always told me: "Don’t touch the Queen, don’t ask questions and don’t turn your back".

"The Queen was standing at the end of a long room. I advanced, did my chat and my thing. When it was time to depart I was rooted to the spot. I thought that if I walked backwards I would fall over the furniture or one of the corgis.

"Her Majesty spotted my dilemma and turned her back on me to ask Bobo [the Queen’s dresser] to fetch some specific shoes - giving me the opportunity to withdraw."
Milliner By Appointment, Frederick Fox


  1. ....“I told you, mister, not during ‘Vissi d’arte.’" The whole audience heard it. Even Maria Callas stopped singing.

    LOL. Classier than what we hear at the backrows of our local X cinema. Nice post btw :)

    1. Welcome to Dolores Delargo Towers, Billy!

      Thank you for your comment - I assume you were referring to my post about Terrence McNally rather than the twee world of Buckingham Palace hat fittings..? (Mind you, who knows what goes on down the back stairs!)


  2. You're welcome Jon and it's nice to discover your blog. Yes I am silly I posted in the wrong post. I was mesmerized and waylaid by those dangling pink marshmellows on the Queen's hat.


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