Monday, 18 November 2013

More than just a Carry On

"I turned down the chance to work with Frederico Fellini in the late-1960s. He had a big thing about me. He saw me on stage in the Sardou comedy, 'Let's Get a Divorce'. He wanted me to do this film in which I'd play the incarnation of six different men's desires. Not a bad role.

"You see, Fellini had never heard of 'Carry on...' He just saw what he saw and thought: I like that. It was thrilling. I had to meet him at a hotel. It was a fascinating time; full of secret telegrams and so on. He was gorgeous. But I'd already said yes to a play at Chichester. I thought it would be dishonourable to let them down. I would say that's the thing that I really regret."
Fenella Fielding.

There is no other.

Here she performs The Cosmetically Correct Song by Graham Roos from the book Apocalypse Calypso:

Fenella Fielding (born Fenella Feldman, 17th November 1927)

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