Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Fabulous, darling

As James St. James at The WOW Report puts it:
It’s the Joan Collins auction you’ve been waiting for your whole life! Julien’s Auction House is auctioning off items belonging to the legendary Dame Joan Collins – including some god-awful ’70s furniture, a “silver articulated lobster,” a monogrammed silver julep cup, several outfits from Dynasty, the dress she wore in a recent Snickers commercial (!), and some reeeeally fun Versace aerobic wear.
To view it in all its glory, here is the programme:

The Collection of Dame Joan Collins


  1. Oh darling........what time shall I meet you there? I'll catch the brown eye, I mean Redeye!

  2. Of course her sweat pants would be "fun Versace...." There's probably a matching hat.


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