Saturday, 22 October 2016

"Acid Raine" no more

“I don’t care what people say behind my back. What I want is for them to be nice to my face.”

Daughter of the inimitable Barbara Cartland, stepmother to Diana Princess of Wales; from her three marriages, she became first Lady Lewisham and later Countess Dartmouth, then Countess Spencer, and latterly, and briefly, Contesse de Chambrun. The Spencer children resented her arrival intensely and nick-named her "Acid Raine", yet in both her political career and in her social life she was admired for her steely and trustworthy nature. In the end even Diana reconciled with her.

And she had great hair!

RIP Raine, Countess Spencer (born Raine McCorquodale, 9th September 1929 – 21st October 2016)


  1. that last pix - helmet hair so stiff! interesting bit o history here, jon.

    1. Oh where, oh where are the "big haired Countesses" to replace her? Or indeed any latter-day "bouffant-wearers" apart from Dolly (and as we know, hers comes delivered in a box)... Jx

    2. Good gawd sister.....that hair!!!! She single handedly put the hole in the ozone layer.

    3. And a dent in the roof of many a Rolls Royce too, no doubt. Jx

  2. I agree, The modern aristocracy have gone off terribly


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