Saturday, 24 December 2016

A Camp Diva Xmas

Cheers from Jean Dawnay, Princess George Galitzine, last of the 50s "supermodels" (22nd March 1926 - 21st December 2016).

Seasons Greetings from Cher (and the Lennon Sisters):

...from the marvellous Noele Gordon:

...from Signorina Raffaella Carrà:

...from Conchita Wurst (with a little help from Dame Shirley Bassey):

...from Miss Mitzi Gaynor:

...and from Miss Bette Davis [actually 'Miss' Jimmy James, but we shan't quibble]!

Now that's what I call a carol service!


  1. the "lovely lennon sisters" showed more tit with cher than they EVER were allowed on "the lawrence welk show".

    happy happy merry merry, dear jon!

    1. I know little of The Lawrence Welk Show, but somehow I doubt "tits" would have been his forté...

      Feliz Navidad, sweetie! Jx


      here's a small sample. welk was a catholic and NO TITTIES were allowed on HIS show.

    3. We had dozens of TV (and radio) "variety shows" here in the UK - Winifred Atwell Show, Val Doonican Show, Cilla Black Show, The Good Old Days, Clodagh Rodgers Show, Dicky Valentine Show, The Black and White Mistrel Show, Cliff Richard Show, Sunday Night At The London Palladium, Seaside Special, even the Two Ronnies and Morecambe & Wise could be classed as such - but we had no show that was led by one band-leader in the same way for quite so long. Even Billy Cotton's Band Show (which started just after the war) ended on telly in 1965 (it carried on on radio almost until he died in 1969). No tits in any of them, either. Apart from some of the presenters, of course. And some of the "acts". Jx

  2. Replies
    1. You too, dear! Playing George Michael at the moment... Jx


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