Saturday, 31 December 2016


...Dame Patricia Routledge!

At last.

New Year's Honour's List.


  1. Here! Here! At last!!!! But that hat with the dress. Sheridan would be appalled.

    1. "And you are?... Regional Postal Manager. I guess you will do, though I would have preferred to speak to someone on a national scale."

      Gawd bless 'er. Jx

  2. Replies
    1. "Time and again I'm poked in the street by complete acquaintances. Kitty, they say to me, how do you keep so young, do you perhaps inject yourself with a solution deriving from the placenta of female gibbons? Well, no, I say, I don't, as it happens. I'm blessed with a robust constitution, my father's mother ran her own abattoir, and I've only had the need of hospitalisation once - that's when I was concussed by an electric potato peeler at the Ideal Home Exhibition."

      Indeed. Jx

  3. Well it's about time, Mrs. Bucket! (That's Boo-Kay, you twats.)😎

    1. "I hope you're not going to spoil things with lower-middle class humour. Now kindly clear this line! There are people of substance in this community who are probably queueing to ring me at this very moment."



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