Saturday, 19 May 2018

Amazing Grace

The most scary woman on the planet - Miss Grace Jones is 70 years old today!

Time to get down on your knees...

Grace Beverly Jones (born 19th May 1948)

See our previous exhibit here.


  1. It's Zula from Conan the Destroyer (1984)! My fave Arnold Schwarzenegger (and Sword and Sorcery) movie! I love her character! I love her dating advice on getting a man she liked: You Grrrab him! And Take him!

    May Day, my fave bad Bond Girl from A View to a Kill (1985), with Roger Moore, my fave James Bond incarnation. He was the funniest (and sluttiest) of the 007s!

    And Strangé, the funniest character from Boomerang (1992)! I laughed out loud to her lines:
    Steel Vagina!
    This is the essence of sex!
    No man can turn down this pussy!

    Grace Jones and Eartha Kitt are the only reason to watch that film. Better to just fast forward to their hilarious scene stealing performances.

    Happy Birthday, Miss Grace Jones! You are still the fiercest woman alive!

    1. Since I can't comment on your other site, Razzle Dazzle, let me just say here:

      Congratulations on 20 wonderful years! It is such an inspiring and fantastic milestone and testament to your love and great life together.



      Cheers and Best Wishes for many more years of adventure, laughter, and joy!!! Best wishes, Good health, and Much happiness to you both.

      Safe Journey, Have Fun, and Enjoy Yourselves!

    2. P.S. And May I say, How very generous and kind of you both to leave the country so as to not take attention away from the Royal Wedding. What a great gift to the couple. ;)

    3. Miss Jones is fantabulosa - but a film with her and Miss Kitt? I have never heard of it; now I am going to have to seek it out...

      Thanks for the good wishes for our anniversary. And yes, we studiously avoided "The Wedding", while sat in the sunshine drinking Tinto de Verano!


  2. Thank gods she's only 70. Until I got to the bottom, I thought she'd died!

    1. She would arm-wrestle the Grim Reaper into submission, I reckon! Jx


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