Monday, 2 July 2018

Phallic benevolence

This being Gay Pride week, I thought I would revisit a subject most dear to our - ahem - hearts: the phallus. And more specifically, how the cock became so fascinating to us all...

The English word "fascinate" ultimately derives from Latin fascinum and the related verb fascinare, "to use the power of the fascinus", that is, "to practice magic" and hence "to enchant, bewitch".

From The Making of History blog:
Fascinus was a minor deity in Ancient Rome. In fact he was not so much a god as part of one - a disembodied penis and scrotum, roaming free and touching lives with his phallic benevolence. This virile member of the pantheon was popular from approximately 753 BC - 100 AD. Roman men, women, and especially children wore Fascinus charms to protect themselves from the ‘evil eye’ and dark magic. When a Roman general celebrated a triumph, Vestal Virgins would hang a charm under his chariot to shield him from the envy of his peers and enemies.

Fascinus charms (called fascinum) were often made of wood or metal, showing an erect penis and scrotum with miniature wings, a penile tail, or, in the more subtle models, a second penis between little penis-shaped feet. Images of Fascinus have been found in wind chimes, jewellery, and art throughout the former Roman Empire.
And from Wikipedia:
The "fist and phallus" amulet was prevalent amongst soldiers. These are phallic pendants with a representation of a (usually) clenched fist at the bottom of the shaft, facing away from the glans. Several examples show the fist making the manus fica or "fig sign", a symbol of good luck.
I, too, have always worshipped Fascinus...


  1. Replies
    1. I am sure you hang one round your neck regularly to ward off the "Evil Eye". Jx

  2. Fascinating! What a great gift idea!

    I'm guessing one needs to rub that lucky charm to get the desired effect?

    Lucky charms! Boy, I can't wait to see the marshmallow version debut in the cereal!

    1. I'm hoping Kinder Eggs catch onto the idea. Jx

  3. Replies
    1. Just don't get it in your evil eye... Jx


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