Monday, 26 November 2018

The matriarch

The eternally-revered matriarch/battleaxe/mainstay of the UK's favourite soap Coronation Street Elsie Tanner, aka Pat Phoenix, would have been 95 years old today...

Elsie Tanner quotes:
  • (about Ena Sharples): "That woman's tongue. If it was a bit longer she could shave with it."
  • "I've left home so many times me suitcases pack themselves every time I whistle."
  • "You know, they used to call us good time girls... well, we did have a good time, and a damn good time at that"
  • "Burglars in Coronation Street? It's like robbin' the blind."

Patricia Frederica Phoenix (born Patricia Frederica Manfield, 26th November 1923 – 17th September 1986)


  1. Fabulous!! I am indulging in the guilty pleasure of watching Classic Corrie on ITV3, although they started it in the mid eighties, after Elsie had already gone. I have watched Corrie since about 1976 and I remember Elsie well - specifically her run-ins with Rita. I'm sure I'm enjoying the Classic version more the present day version. Anyhow, this is one of my secrets!

    1. I was a fan for a few years when all the great ladies were in it - Bet, Annie, Ena, Rita, Hilda, Vera, Ida, Deirdre and Elsie (and even as far as Maud Grimes) - but haven't watched it for a few decades now... Jx


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