Saturday, 14 July 2018

On The Jukebox this Weekend at Dolores Delargo Towers


  1. you don't need music to make housework easier, just hire a few of mistress maddie's houseboyz!

    most of my friends have gay feet...cause they are GAY!

    1. I could play some "Exotic Percussion" with a houseboy or three... Jx

  2. Goodness! Quite the playlist this weekend.

    1. Martin Denny's Exotic Percussion:

    Hello, Transvestite Jesus!

    2. Music to make housework easier:

    I don't think it's the music that's making her feel easy. I'm betting it's the blunt she's smoking.

    3. Music for your plants:

    Ah, so that's what I've been doing wrong. It's not the over watering or pests that have killed my plants, but the lack of music. What do plants like to listen to? KC and the Sunshine Band? Crystal Waters? Johnny Nash singing "I can see clearly now"?

    4. Martin Mull and his fabulous furniture in your living room:

    First of all, that furniture ain't fabulous, and it certainly won't be in my living room! Second, is anyone else bothered by the old lady by the truck, who looks like she's from the Wild West days and has been plucked from her timeline? Quick, someone explain to her the miracle of indoor plumbing, penicillin, women's right to vote, and the Brazilian wax!

    5. Gay Feet Every Night:

    The unit of measurement used by gay men looking for late night hook ups online, wherein 1 standard inch is 2 inches on the Tinder app.

    1. I hooted at the "gay unit of measurement" comment - so true...

      Our plants like anything from Wagner to the Vengaboys. A bit like their owners. Jx

  3. Furniture was part of Martin Mull's night club act (he's a comedian.)

    1. Somehow guessed it may not have been entirely serious. Jx


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