Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Erected poles

Hip hip hooray!
The first of May
Outdoor sex begins today.

Happy May Day!

From Streetswing dance site:
Originally the Maypole represented a phallic symbol or a Pagan symbol of Fertility celebrating sexuality and life to the 'Horned God' which was decorated mostly with flowers and wild garlands (still used by wiccans and witchcraft). The Horned God image is similar to the Greek/Roman Pan, he is a symbol of fertility and the life for the forest, including the hunt, which supplied ancients with their livelihood. Later moving away from Pagan worship it was revived, changed and became Roman in origin, who used it in some ceremonies connected with the worship of Maia, the mother of Mercury, and the presiding goddess of that month. For many centuries it was the chief dance of rustic England. The ancient Britons erected Maypoles even before Claudius and the Roman invasion (AD 43) and adorned them with flowers.

I think I prefer Beltane, myself.


  1. erected poles...and we're not in poland...oh, I know, we're at mistress maddie's casa!

  2. My may pole has been perpetually erect, it seems, since 1990.

  3. May was my favourite month while at infant school, as we always had a maypole. I loved dancing around it (somewhat telling, I think...), and fig 3/3 bis was just the best ribbon pattern to pull off.

  4. At my school we danced around a flower festooned Maypole every May. Did the teachers know it was a phallic Pagan symbol of Fertility, sexuality, in honour of the 'Horned God'.

    Thinking about it We used to burn a whicker man every Autumn too

    1. I often wondered why you had that creepy animal head costume... Jx


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