Thursday, 19 September 2019


From Marie-Claire:
For her first ever catwalk show in 1981 Vivienne presented Pirates – a collection that kick-started the new romantic look and dominated 80s sub-cultures. It was anti-Dynasty, shock-and-awe styling, a whole mix of historical references mashed together in a single outfit. Fans from Boy George to Adam Ant loved her work.

From the V&A museum website:
Vivienne Westwood's designs were at the forefront of the early 1980s Neo-Romantic movement in fashion. This movement led to a wave of nostalgia featuring colourful masquerades of highwaymen, pirates and other characters. Westwood expressed her philosophy in an interview in Harpers & Queen magazine (April 1983): "I'm very anarchical and perverse about what I do with clothes but what I drive at is simplicity... The great thing about my clothes - the way they make you feel grand and strong - is to do with the sexy way they emphasise your body and make you aware of it."

Some people wore the complete Pirate Outfit, while many took elements from the collection and freely mixed them with other clothes. The tunic, with its powerful meandering print, and the fall-down stockings were particularly popular.

Yes. You guessed it - today is International "Talk Like A Pirate Day".

Why just talk like one, when you can dress this way as well..?



  1. Ohh Ar me hearties !
    A Vast Behind.
    Jim Lad

    Never mind speak like a Pirate I think our gang dresses like a Pirate better than them

    Ah Ha

    1. Agreed - I'd never have scruffy pirates on my ship - land-lubbers! Jx

  2. I have a half-formed comment about Adam Ant scuttling my poop deck but, try as I might, it just won't materialise...


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