Thursday, 16 September 2021

Autumn's in the air...

Margaret Lockwood (15th September 1916 – 15th July 1990)

Anne Bancroft (17th September 1931 – 6th June 2005)

Greta Garbo (18th September 1905 – 15th April 1990)

Joey Heatherton (born 14th September 1944)

Dinah Sheridan (17th September 1920 – 25th November 2012)

Janis Paige (born 16th September 1922)

Twiggy (born 19 September 1949)

Lauren Bacall (16th September 1924 – – 12th August 2014)

Rocío Jurado (18th September 1944 – 1st June 2006)

Fay Wray (15th September 1907 – 8th August 2004) wrap up warm!


  1. There must be something about September... Bacall, Bancroft and Garbo... Oh, and I just read something about Twiggy... seems she recorded a version of Robert Palmer's Johnny And Mary - back in the 80's, but it never saw the light of day until 2003. I am dying to hear it. Kizzes.

    1. September babies would have been conceived in January - I suppose there's not a lot else to do when it's cold and dark, and Xmas in over :-)

      As for Twiggy - you can listen to the whole album that includes that track on YouTube:


  2. Fab photos of a remarkable group of Birthday girls.


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