Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Cuba Libre

Casa de Julia Tarafa

Vestibule, Edificio Lopez Serrano

Mausoleum of Catalina Lasa, with doors by Lalique

Edificio Barcadi, former HQ of the rum distiller

Illuminated statuary, Cine-Teatro Sierra Mastra

For the first time, after ten years of lobbying, Cuba’s capital Havana is hosting the World Congress on Art Deco (14th to 21st March 2013), highlighting the wealth of 20s and 30s architecture the city holds.

Read more on the HabanaDeco website.


  1. A friend sent me the link for the HabanaDeco website as I've spent time in Cuba (especially Havana) ogling the architecture and taking photos.

    I wanted to get there and see it in all its fading grandeur before the Americans get their hands on it and post Starbucks on every corner.

    1. I've never been (in fact never crossed the Atlantic); but in a parallel experience, I managed to get to see Prague - Art Nouveau rather than Deco, admittedly - before MacDonalds and the "booze weekenders" arrived to wreak more havoc than the Nazis or the Soviets.

      Maybe I should dig out some of those photos for a future Museum of Camp entry... Jx


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