Sunday, 20 April 2014

He did nothing else except dance

On the occasion of the death of ballet genius William Dollar in 1986, in the Philadelphia Inquirer:
Though his family plans no funeral or memorial service, Mr. Dollar's brother John said yesterday that the family was making plans for a "cocktail party for dancers - maybe in New York, or one here and one in New York."

The party will be a kind of retrospective, perhaps with dancers performing selections from Mr. Dollar's works, his brother said.

"It'll be something wonderful for his spirit - outdoors, because that's what he loved," his wife, Yvonne, said yesterday.

That is just what William Dollar would have wanted, his brother said. "He's up in heaven teaching the angels - putting them in shape.

"He did nothing else except dance."
We can all identify with that.

William Henry Dollar (20th April 1907 - 28th February 1986)

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