Monday, 6 April 2020

Monday's breakfast sorted

Our Patron Saint (and another birthday girl yesterday) Miss Bette Davis (5th April 1908 – 6th October 1989), doing what she does.


  1. Replies
    1. She also has the hairdo we're all going to end up with until the clouds lift off this social isolation business and the hairdressers re-open... Jx

    2. Thank goodness my downstairs neighbor is a hair dresser. Course...there's always my wigs for changing things up.

      Stay well dear.

    3. We're supposed to stay six feet away from our neighbours, dear. I may have to resort to a powdered wig at some stage before this lockdown ends - either that or pretend I'm a retired member of Sweet. Jx

  2. A little heavy on the Scotch and a little light on the Gin !
    Happy Birthday Bette
    Gone but will never be forgotten

    1. I'm sure we could make a cock-a-tail out of it! Jx


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