Monday, 26 July 2021

I think today should be...

Dame Helen Mirren (born 26th July 1945)

...a "Say Something Hat" day. Don't you?

Mollie Sugden (20th July 1922 – 1st July 2009)

Theda Bara (29th July 1885 – 7th April 1955)

Estelle Getty (25th July 1923 - 22nd July 2008)

Vivian Vance (26th July 1909 – 17th August 1979

Sally Ann Howes, aka "Truly Scrumptious" (born 20th July 1930)

Dame Diana Rigg (20th July 1938 – 10th September 2020)

Gloria DeHaven (23rd July 1925 – 30th July 2016)

Lynda Carter (who was 70 on 24th July 1951)

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis (28th July 1929 – 19th May 1994)


  1. I feel better already...some of them were older than moi!

    1. Miss Howes is 91, so I think that might be the case... Jx

  2. Fascinating. Diana Rigg for the win. But Vivian Vance! And Theda Bara... okay, a three way tie.

  3. Theda Bara is the Bees Knees in that hat.

    1. Ha! Although I think she may have intended to portray a butterfly... Jx


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