Sunday 28 May 2023

I think today should be...

Dame Joan Collins (who was 90 years old on 23rd May!)

...a "Say Something Hat Day", don't you?!

Cher (born 20th May 1946)

Sir Ian McKellen (born 25th May 1939)

Beverly Sills (25th May 1929 – 2nd July 2007)

Dame Kristin Scott Thomas (born 24th May 1960)

Peggy Lee (26th May 1920 – 21st January 2002)

Kay Kendall (21st May 1927 – 6th September 1959)

Stevie Nicks (born 26th May 1948)

Jane Wiedlin of The Go-Gos (65 on 20th May 2023)

Lilli Palmer (24th May 1914 – 27th January 1986)


  1. Joan Collins' hat-veil combo is screaming at me to wear wear it. Preferably accessorised with a couple of gigantic, lolloping Great Danes.
    (Cher's is saying "take me back to the rainforest")

    And I thought Beverly Sills was Ana Matronic before I scrolled down enough to read the caption.

    1. Dame Joan's hat is mine! {And I'd be accompanied by two Salukis - much more Art Deco.)


      PS As much as I adore Ana Matronic, I cannot imagine her tackling Richard Strauss's Ariadne auf Naxos...

  2. Some people can wear a hat better than others.
    Joan, Sir Ian and Kay Kendall certainly know how.

    1. "Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn." - Gore Vidal


  3. Wow, that's a glamorous collection of ladies born in May!
    Joan though, it'll hurt when she's no longer with us.

    1. I'm lining up my black armbands as we speak, sweetie, for her and so many of the icons of our youth. David McCallum, Madhur Jaffrey, Dame Janet Baker, Asha Bhosle and Julie Newmar turn 90 this year - and the likes of Leontyne Price, Rita Moreno, Glynis Johns, William Shatner, Stanley Baxter, Chita Rivera, Clint Eastwood, Kim Novak, Michael Caine, Barbara Eden, Dick Van Dyke, Tony Bennett and Mel Brooks are already well into their 90s!

      I dread the day Sir David Attenborough ascends to do the voiceovers in Life on Fabulon... Jx

  4. Stop it! If I cry any more I'll need MORE eye drops! (And a very expensive face lift!)


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