Thursday, 25 May 2023

When we're together, you and I

The Doctor and The Dame

They had fans...

...including Princess Diana...

...and Dame Joan Sutherland!

Such sad news to come home to...

...George Logan, "Dr Evadne" in the magnificent and ground-breaking female impersonator duo Hinge and Bracket ["Patron Saints" here at Dolores Delargo Towers], has departed to join "Dame Hilda" in Fabulon's fabled Music Hall in the sky.

A rare "class act" indeed, the pair successfully transferred their "operatic ladies-of-substance" show from the gay pub circuit via a trumphal turn at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe way back in 1974 to gain mainstream success - with appearances on The Good Old Days, their own television and radio shows, and and audience of millions of fans (including HM The Queen Mother) within a matter of a few years.

Such was the skill of their performance - they never appeared anywhere in public nor in the media out of character - that there were many naive souls who actually believed they were old posh ladies, rather than two drag queens!

Managing to sustain the act over several decades, the pair landed their own hit sitcom Dear Ladies (set in their fictional home village "Stackton Tressel"), appeared on stage in The Importance of Being Earnest and Peter Shaffer's play Lettice and Lovage - and even had parts in the Royal Opera House production of Die Fledermaus as well as starring at various Gilbert and Sullivan galas.

The pinnacle of their whirlwind careers must, however, have been that they were invited not once, but twice to perform at The Royal Variety Performance!

Speaking of which:

RIP, Dr Evadne Hinge aka George Logan (7th July 1944 - 21st May 2023)


  1. Oh dear... I keep looking over my shoulder too often these days.
    But chuffed to mint balls that you had a lovely time.

    1. We'll gather lilacs in the spring again
      And walk together down a British lane
      Until our hearts have learned to sing again
      When you come home once more

      ...and now I'm home once more, I want to go back to Sitges... Jx

  2. They were both sublimely talented and now we are bereft of both.
    They were a joy.

    1. An absolute joy! Another very sad loss - it's turning into another one of "those years", I fear. Jx


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