Tuesday 7 May 2024

Looks, Looks, Looks

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Looks, looks, looks
No, it's not very hard to make history
Looks, looks, looks
Just some cavalry and a good uniform that fits in places
Where everyone tends to look and marvel
At the way you lead them on and
Look and marvel at the way you win because of
Looks, looks, looks
As long as you're long on looks

- Sparks (1975)

Yes, the Met Gala 2024: The Garden in Time has given the rich and the famous and the not-so-famous another chance to show off to the world again...

Above are some of the "looks" that stood out to me - from top left: Zendaya, Wisdom Kaye, Demi Moore, Ugbad Abdi, Gwendoline Christie, Gigi Hadid. I don't even know who the fuck some of these people are (and hardly recognised most of the parade of so-called "celebrities" on show)!


  1. To tell the truth I was very underwhelmed by the scale and looks. Not one thing took my breath away compared to other years. But Anna herself said she switched the theme mid-way in because the theme was so vague, she sent out a addendum, which mostly likely confuse guest further. Fun Fact- I was talking with Bunny last time I saw her, and years back, early 90's when it was a real spectale and most didn't dress in the theme given, and anyone could go to the Met Ball, Bunny said she went with her sky-high hair and a mod dress from a thrift store $20.

    Many older queens I knew, now passed on said the ball was more fun and colorful when Diana Vreeland ran things. But don't tell Anna, I adore her too.

    That said, I thought Gwendoline Christie's hair was very Avante Garde!

    1. I guessed something went awry with the "theme", as it seemed odd to have an exhibition called Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion and a party with a theme of The Garden in Time... Some of the fashions on show weren't just OTT, they were downright ugly.

      I loved Miss Christie's hair, too! A nod to the divine Marchesa Casati, perhaps? Jx

  2. Good lord! They wouldn't let me in the door!

  3. I agree with Mistress Maddie.
    A tad underwhelming this year apart from Gwendoline Christie's hair .

    1. I really struggled to get this selection together, out of the numerous unflattering, too-clever-by-half, or downright hideous couture confections on offer...Jx


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