Sunday, 11 March 2018

Mothers' Day

Rafaela Ottiano (4th March 1888 – 18th August 1942)

It's Mothering Sunday!

Hope you remembered the flowers - she won't be happy if you forgot...


  1. For a minute there, I was confused! Mother's Day? Is it May all ready? What happened to April? How much did I drink last night?

    When I switched the clocks ahead one hour last night as the gov't declared for daylight savings, I didn't realize it involved time travelling into the future!

    Thank you for the explanatory link as to why you Brits celebrate Mothers Day on the wrong day. But y'all drive on the wrong side of the road, so I'll take it as one of those strange things that only makes sense to Brits, like calling sausages pudding, cookies biscuits, chips crisps, and fries chips!

    We'll discuss the Spotted Dick and Cock-a-Leekie another day. In America, both may necessitate a trip to the health clinic. The former requires antibiotics; the later, prophylactics to prevent acquiring a social disease or worse, children.

    Everyday should be Mothers Day for all those loving, supportive, wonderful Moms! We are blessed and fortunate if we are lucky enough to have one love us so.

    Happy Mothers Day to all you amazing, incredible, marvelous, loving Moms! You make life better!


    Thank you for everything!

    1. I think the rule of driving on the left predates your country by about 2000 years - archaeological evidence suggests it was common for the Romans to drive on the left side of the road. This keep-left rule was so common that, in 1300 AD, Pope Boniface VIII decreed that all pilgrims headed to Rome should abide by the keep-left rule of the road along their journey. This then held across most of the Western World until the late 1700s. It only changed in the British Empire's former colonies when revolutions happened, and, in the case of the USA, aligned themselves with Britain's enemies such as France (where Napoleon had imposed his own rule of right-hand driving to piss off the Pope and the British). Jx

      PS Mothers' Day in May is a completely modern concept; it only arose because of the clever and vociferous campaigning of one American woman in the early 20th century.
      PPS Our Mother thoroughly enjoyed her day. And I did remember the flowers...


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