Tuesday, 19 June 2012

"I find beauty in the grotesque"

"I`m a loner. I don`t like beautiful people, but I find beauty in the grotesque. And in the sweet soul inside someone who has been able to get through their life without being a rat`s ass. Such people should be collected, should be swept up immediately and kept in a box of broken people. I`ve collected people my whole life. Sometimes it ends badly, but it`s absolutely never on my part. Because I know how fabulous I am. You`re just going to have to take my word for it - I`m an incredible person. I do good deeds, and I love people, but the only way I can do these things is to stay apart. Because you can just stand so much. But the people who you meet in your life, who cross your path, the ones who are decent, should be collected."
Sad news today of the death of a great artistic marvel - Miss Susan Tyrrell, actress, musician and camp cult icon, aged just 67.

From her solid grounding in theatre, Miss Tyrrell became a stalwart of many prime-time 70s TV series such as Baretta, Starsky and Hutch and Kojak. And she was soon making a name for herself on the big screen - even nominated for an Oscar for her role opposite Stacey Keach and Jeff Bridges in Fat City.

But is is for her even more "oddball" roles we remember her most, in movies such as Angel and Avenging Angel, John Waters' Cry Baby - and, most of all (probably in a large part thanks to YouTube), for the weird cult classic Forbidden Zone.

To where (once again) I take you now...

Quite possibly the campest, strangest clip from a movie as you will ever find...

Miss Tyrrell survived one of the greatest traumas that could befall a performer - the amputation of both her legs after a terrible blood disorder in 2000 - yet continued to work right up until her death.


[Acknowledgements to Mike at Deep Dish blog for breaking the sad news - read his remarkable tribute to Miss Tyrell]

Susan Tyrrell website


  1. So sad that she's gone. Her performance in Forbidden Zone is one for the ages!

    1. She has earned her place in the pantheon of Fabulon goddesses... Jx

  2. What marvellous philosophy.......alas, I have found her too late.......

    1. She sounds like someone we would all have loved to meet... Jx

  3. This reminds me I: I still need to order the DVD of "Forbidden Zone" - I must see that film!

    Sad that Susan is gone, and terrible to hear about what happened to her in 2000. Poor woman.

    1. Remarkably, I too have yet to add Forbidden Zone to my collection... Jx


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